Samurai Shodown: A New Character Is Coming and the Second Season Is Announced

Samurai Shodown

From EVO 2019, the most important event dedicated to combat video games, there have also been several news about Samurai Shodown, the return of the SNK title, which is about to be enriched with new interesting content.

First of all, a new character, Shizumaru Hisasme, is about to be added to the roster and will be available for free download in September. In addition, SNKhas announced the arrival of a second DLC season scheduled for 2020, which will add four more fighters including Mina Majikina.

A new trailer has been dedicated to Shizumaru Hisasme and to Season 2 of Samurai Shodown, which you can find as usual at the beginning of the news.

It is not the only novelty concerning the game that was announced during the EVO 2019: a crossover between SoulCalibur 6 and Samurai Shodown is coming, and the character of Haohmaru will, therefore, join the roster of the fighting game.

Samurai Shodown is already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while its Nintendo Switch and PC versions are expected by the end of 2019.