Slitherine Has Acquired the Master of Magic Franchise

Master of Magic franchise

The Slitherine software house has just made official the acquisition of the rights to the Master of Magic franchise, the famous turn-based strategy that made its debut on the PC back in 2994, by Atari.

Here are the words of Iain McNeil, director of development at Slitherine:

“We are trying to work on this very popular franchise. We are well aware that developing a very popular IP sequel entails great responsibility. We have repeatedly shown that we are able to meet the expectations of players when it comes to working on very famous names. “

“The titles that are played today are still tied to those of the golden age of gaming. We cannot ignore it, just as we cannot ignore the fact that technology has made great strides forward. I refer to fields like social integration, multiplayer, history, accessibility and much more … It will be a challenge, but we are happy to have accepted it and will do our best to do justice to the brand “.

We also remind you that among the titles coming from Slitherine we also find the sequels of Close Combat and Fantasy General, both coming in the current year.