Street Fighter 5: And Honda, Poison and Lucia Available, Let’s See Them in Action

Street Fighter 5 And Honda

On the occasion of the EVO 2019, Capcom announced that E. Honda, Poison and Lucia are now available on the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition roster, as part of the new DLC dedicated to the characters. The publisher has published a series of new character trailers showing the three wrestlers in action.

If E. Honda appears as an old acquaintance to all fans of Street Fighter, Poison returns to the roster of the famous Capcom beat-up after his first appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken. Lucia instead comes from another series, that of Final Fight: for the fighter, it is, therefore, her first debut in Street Fighter.

At the top and at the bottom of the news we have proposed the new character trailer dedicated to each of the three new wrestlers, where you can see them in action in Street Fighter 5, so as to take a closer look at their moves.

Recall that E. Honda, Poison and Lucia can be purchased separately starting today and that from tomorrow August 5 a special Summer 2019 Character Bundle will also be available that will include the three wrestlers mentioned, some extra costumes and Honda’s Sento stage.

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