Street Fighter V: New Announcements Scheduled for November and December

Street Fighter V: There Are Finally News on the Horizon

The EVO 2019, the most important event linked to combat video games, was the scene of important announcements for various titles of the genre, but unfortunately, Street Fighter 5 was an exception, for which some novelties were expected, which instead did not arrive.

What has arrived, however, is a letter written by the producer Yoshinori Ono, who explained the situation and revealed that there is indeed something boiling, and warned the fans that the various new arrivals will be revealed in November and December.

“We are very sorry for all those who wanted a great announcement for this year. We wanted to be able to do something, but we didn’t succeed. Trust us, we are sorry that you are disappointed. Blanka has nothing in your pocket for you today. But new announcements related to Street Fighter 5 will arrive in November and December, and we’ll make sure that Blanka has a present for you at the Capcom Cup at the Novo in Los Angeles this year. We can’t wait to find you there, you’re all invited. “

In short, a small disappointment for the fans of the game who hoped that something would arrive already during the EVO 2019, for which there will be to wait a little more to see some news, after having already seen the arrival of Keanu Reeves on Street Fighter V. We hope the wait is worth the same.