Super Smash Bros Ultimate From Record to EVO 2019: Highest Number of Spectators Ever!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brings Adrenaline-Pumping Multiplayer Action to the Big Screen

The famous fighting game of the Kyoto House was a great success during the event, attracting the attention of a vast audience. In particular, the finals of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament were able to count on a peak of spectators of 279,000 people! These figures mark a new record in the history of EVO: no title protagonist of the previous editions of the event had ever reached such a high number of views. A surely important result for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and for its community, who have recently seen the debut of the Dragon Quest Hero inside the game roster. For now, however, no news regarding a DLC publication date that will also introduce the beloved Banjo and Kazooie duo in-game. 

We also take this opportunity to point out that the 2019 edition of the EVO presented the public with various novelties in the fighting scene. Among these, the transmission of the first trailer of a new Guilty Gear, through which it was revealed that a new chapter of the saga will make its debut on the gaming market during 2020. Unfortunately, no launch date has been confirmed yet specific.