Assassin’s Creed Origins: Check a Picture of the Game in the National Geographic Museum!

Assassin's Creed Origin

From the pages of Reddit, a fan of video games and ancient Egypt informs us that he has discovered an in-game image of Assassin’s Creed Origins between the stations of the “Queens of Egypt” exhibition of the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC.

Intrigued by the strong similarities noted between the Ubisoft game and the glimpsed image among the museum’s stands, the Redditor approached the station and confirmed the “playful origin” of the scene immortalized by the exhibition organizers to illustrate, in the most realistic way possible, a fragment of daily life during the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

The image in question, as we can see in the shot published on Reddit by the Assassin’s Creed fan, portrays a bucolic scene of life among the banks of the Nile of fishermen and farmers, without representing the much more lively fighting fragments starring Bayek.

We do not know if the presence of an in-game image of AC Origins between the museum’s stations is or not the result of a collaboration between Ubisoft and the organizers of the National Geographics event. Regardless of these considerations, it is still worth praising once again the efforts made by Ubisoft’s developers in shaping Assassin’s Creed Origins and its realistic scenarios.

In the National Geographic Museum they used Assassin Creed Origins gameplay showing life in Ancient Egypt from gaming