Bethesda: The Gamescom 2019 Program, Doom Eternal in the Front Line

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

Bethesda is pleased to present its complete program for Gamescom 2019, the new edition of the German fair that will open its doors on August 19th. Among the novelties of this year, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the highly anticipated Eternal DOOM.

On August 19th, Gamescom will open the doors again and, of course, Bethesda Softworks will not miss the appointment. This year, together with hardware partner ASUS Republic of Gamers at Boostboxx, visitors will be welcomed in Hall 8, C020 – B021.

DOOM Eternal test on the occasion of the Year of DOOM

Come and celebrate with us the Year of DOOM, the 25th anniversary of the revolutionary id Software series. This year, the stand will be 100% dedicated to DOOM Eternal. For the first time in Germany, visitors will have the opportunity to try the game before the official worldwide release, scheduled for November 22nd.

Come and see us at Hall 8 in the Entertainment and DOOM Eternal test area in person. You will even have the opportunity to “play DOOM and do something good” as 0.666mq of the forest will be planted in the DOOM WOOD for each visitor who will play the demo to our booth. For those who are content to act as spectators, the stand offers a special raised platform from which you can comfortably watch other visitors while they play Eternal DOOM.

In addition, this year the stand offers:

  • We will broadcast live from our stand every day from our MainStream station on the Bethesda Twitch channel.
  • The stand also has another location for direct streaming from the exhibition space.
  • Become the DOOM Slayer: pose with the Collector’s Edition helmet in front of an exclusive infernal theme while holding the BFG. An absolute preview for Europe!
  • DOOM Eternal is never enough for you? Visit our Xbox friends in Hall 8 or Google Stadia in Hall 9 to find other places to try the game.
  • As in previous years, we are multiplying our activities at Gamescom, and the whole community is invited to participate.

It begins with the debut of the Fallout CAMP scheduled for Thursday 22 August at the Cologne Meltdown. Fallout fans will be able to test their pioneering spirit and meet other survivors to celebrate, play and receive Fallout gadgets in this unique event.

But there’s more! Yet DOOM (moreover, is the Year of DOOM!) With Germany’s most famous Let’s Player, as well as DOOM’s megafan , Gronkh , which will host an exclusive meeting on Friday 23 August from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (GMT +2) at the area Red Bull at P8, just behind Hall 8.

Finally, the annual Gamescom appointment with ESO tavern will be held at Herbrand’s Ehrenfeld on Saturday 24th August. Hundreds of fans will take part in the world’s largest community event for Elder Scrolls Online, along with ESO developers Matt Firor (studio director), Rich Lambert (creative director), Mike Finnigan (chief dungeon designer) and Rob Garrett (chief dynamics designer of play).