Borderlands 3 and DLC: Information Coming to Gamescom and Pax West

The Borderlands Series Has Sold over 43 Million Copies

The third installment of the saga has not yet begun on the market, but the first information about the post-launch support of Borderlands 3 is beginning to spread.

In particular, Take-Two ‘s management discussed the topic at a recent financial meeting. During the latter, President Karl Slatoff has indeed confirmed that the development team is ready to share details with the public. In particular, reference was made to two upcoming and important videogames sector fairs: Gamescom and PAX West. During the two events, different information will, therefore, be shared on what gamers can expect from Borderlands 3 in terms of DLC and post-launch support. The wait, we remember, will be short: both appointments are in fact set for this month. In particular, Gamescom will open its doors on August 20th, while the 2019 edition of PAX West will take place between August 30th and September 2nd. Are you curious to learn more, what are you hoping will be communicated? 

We take the opportunity to inform you that it is now possible to view the first 14 minutes of the game at Borderlands 3, so as to get an idea of ​​what to expect in the initial stages. Furthermore, we recall in closing that the Gearbox team stated that Borderlands 3 will be bigger than Borderlands 2 .