Borderlands 3: The New Gameplay Video Shows Us the First 14 Minutes of the Game

Borderlands 3 Will Be The Biggest, Most Ambitious And Fun In The Series, Promises Gearbox

As we get closer and closer to its release, here is Borderlands 3 returning to show itself in action with a new video of gameplay without cuts published in preview by colleagues.

The new video, which as usual you can see at the top of the news, shows us the first 14 minutes taken from the main campaign of the Gearbox Software shooter. This is an excellent opportunity to take a look at all the new features of the title, but if you want to stay out of spoilers until the scheduled release in September, we obviously advise you to finish reading the article here.

Greeted by one of the most famous faces of the franchise, we are immediately launched in the tutorial phases of Borderlands 3, in which we will be able to learn the basic commands of this new chapter. There will not be too much to relax, however, because the first frantic shootings will not wait at all and will leave the player the chance to give free rein to his own thirst for destruction.

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that Borderlands 3 will be available on PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting from September 13th. The Gearbox guys have assured that the game will be much more extensive compared to the second chapter of the series.