Burnout Paradise Remastered and the Other Deals With Gold of the Week

No Man's Sky, Below and Tacoma Among the New Deals With Gold of the Week

Every Tuesday, as the old and dear Major Nelson, has accustomed us, the new Deals With Gold of the week arrive, and even today it does not excel. Let’s see together what we can find discounted for the next few days in the Microsoft catalog.

It starts with a classic racing arcade, which due to the setting and the caciarona soul, could easily become your summer game, for hit and run games without thought. Let’s talk about the remastered of Burnout Paradise, which from today you find 75% discounted if you would like to think about it.

On offer, there is also Extinction, a violent and brutal action game, which has been defined as a cross between God of War and Shadow of the Colossus (although it obviously does not have the same thickness as those that are in effect two masterpieces).

Finally, we find Super Tennis Blast, with a 25% discount, if you would like to try a tennis title without too many pretensions.

For all the rest of the discounted catalog, we refer you to the official website of Major Nelson. What do you think? Have you already made your shopping list?