David Hayter Permanently Closes Snake in Tekken 7

Solid Snake in Tekken 7

Yesterday the Solid Snake case on Tekken 7 held the case. In fact, during the EVO 2019, a video was presented showing the new details of Tekken 7 ‘s Season 3 and the related fighters that will be introduced.

Inside the video shown during the event, there was also a reference to Metal Gear Solid, in particular, a scene concerning Solid Snake that spoke through the codec. Of course, the fans went crazy thinking it was the prelude to the announcement of the arrival of the famous character in Bandai Namco’s fighting game.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It was a simple joke of the EVO 2019 organizers, who also exonerated Bandai Namco, who was therefore unaware of the curious curtain.

The disappointment of the players was obvious, also because the presence of Snake in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had also given hope to Tekken fans for a possible arrival of the character even in this last fighting game, but a definitive answer to the question was the he also gave a rather annoyed David Hayter , solid voice of Solid Snake.

“EVO, you haven’t even consulted me or Konami. Please don’t use my voice to promote other games. Never again.”

Nothing to do, therefore, those who hoped to see Snake in Tekken 7 will unfortunately not be satisfied.