Dr. Disrespect Ready to Follow Ninja on Mixer? Yes, on His Terms


After the historic step of Tyler ” Ninja ” Blevins from Twitch to Mixer, he could not miss the Good Guy ” Dr. Disrespect ” Beahm who made the suggestive hypothesis to follow the links to other shores. Obviously on his terms.

The figure should be crazy,” the doctor said. ” I don’t know what Ninja got, but it must be at least on the level of what got Ninja, or higher. ” He said the move should be huge in order to ” make economic sense of the whole “.

The request is not so strange, given the vast number of viewers that Dr. DisRespect manages to bring on a daily basis. Usually, his number of spectators fluctuates between 10,000 and 40,000 daily presences, depending on the title he is playing.

Dr. Disrespect, always with his way of doing over the top, is one of the most established personalities on Twitch and many people consider him one of the main and most influential faces of the Amazon streaming platform.

There are many risks for the streamer in such an operation, which is why we rarely see what happened with Ninja. In fact, not all the streamer’s audience base will follow him on the new platform, which means that the streamer will have to reconstruct the user base that has been lost.

The mixer should offer numerous incentives to attract even someone like Dr. DisRespect who, apparently, is only waiting for a formal offer.