FAR: Lone Sails Coming to Nintendo Switch on August 18th

Lone Sails Coming to Nintendo Switch

The publisher Mixtvision Games and the developer Okomotive are pleased to announce that FAR: Lone Sails is also coming to Nintendo Switch on August 18th. The announcement came along with a new trailer for the game: you can watch it at the top of the news.

For those not familiar, FAR: Lone Sails presents itself as an original adventure with survival elements, in which the player finds himself exploring an arid seabed aboard a vessel. While we will make our way overcoming obstacles and enduring adverse weather conditions, our goal will be to follow the traces of an ancient civilization that was once flourishing. Where will the journey take us? Perhaps we are the last survivors of our species?

After its debut on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, FAR: Lone Sails is getting ready to arrive on Nintendo Switch on August 16, allowing players of the hybrid console to enjoy this original gaming experience.

While waiting for the titles to land on Switch, we leave you with the new game trailer published by Mixtvision Games and Okomotive, which you can enjoy at the top of the news.