Fortnite: Neopinnacoli Enters the Far West, Construction and Collection Are Prohibited

Fortnite Titled Town

As anticipated by DataMiner Fortnite eventually Neopinnacoli has turned into a village of the Far West. The new location is called the Pinnacles City and looks like an area where collection and construction are not allowed, with a very interesting impact on the gameplay.

The transformation from Neopinnacoli and Città Pinnacoli took place with the publication of the Fortnite 10.00 update, an update that also introduced the powerful automatic precision rifle.

As you can see in the opening video, Pinnacles City is in effect like an old village in the Far West, with wooden structures, saloons, cowboy weapons and more. In addition to upsetting the architecture and style of Neopinnacoli, the new Far West-style area has also brought significant changes to the gameplay.

In Città Pinnacoli, in fact, the collection of resources and the construction of structures are prohibited activities. These are two key elements of Fortnite’s mechanics, which we will have to give up while fighting in Città Pinnacoli, a location where firefights will have a more traditional taste.

What do you think of this change? Would you like it if similar modifications were applied also in other areas of the map?