Fortnite Season 10: Dataminer Search for “Moisty Palms” Location References

Fortnite 10

The Season 10 Fortnite has finally made his long-awaited debut in the battle royale, bringing with it the usual load of new and upheavals.

The game map was in fact the protagonist of several changes, among which the return of a location that disappeared from the area during the previous Fortnite seasons certainly stands out. On the island of the battle royale, Muffito Warehouse has made its appearance, having returned to attend the gaming world after more than a year of absence. This, however, may not be the only change in terms of location that Epic Games has in store for the game.

In particular, an element reported by the data miner active on Reddit with the nickname of “Ep8Script” seems to suggest this. The latter has in fact shared an interesting element on the well-known forum: it is the presence in Fortnite’s version 10.0 patch of references to an alleged location called “Moisty Palms”. The name seems to suggest a possible merger between the areas of Moisty Mire – Putrido Pantano and Paradise Palms – Palmeto Paradisiaco. Is there any surprise coming? Unfortunately, to find out if what is shown by the data miner actually represents a clue to the future evolution of Fortnite, we just have to wait!

New POI coming soon: "Moisty Palms" from FortniteLeaks