Fortnite: Update 10.00 Arriving Today at 2pm, Online Server

Fortnite X

Epic Games has announced that at today’s 14:00 (GMT +2) on August 6 will be published in the ‘ update 10:00 of Fortnite. The update will not require any scheduled server maintenance, so it will be possible to continue playing without problems.

The announcement came with the Epic Games tweet that you can read at the bottom of the news. The Fortnite 10.00 update will be available starting from 14:00 (GMT +2) today, 6 August, and will not require any scheduled server maintenance. This means that the game servers will continue to remain online without interruptions, allowing users to continue playing without problems until the update is published.

What news will be included with the Fortnite 10.00 update? We still don’t know, but we can imagine that the powerful automatic sniper rifle will be introduced, a weapon that the data miner has been able to discover in advance between the game files, and that for the occasion could make its official debut. And what about the map changes in line with time travel, the main theme of Fortnite’s Season 10? It really seems that Neoinclinato will become a Far West village, a transformation that could take place through the portal of the time discovered yesterday.

To find out in detail all the innovations introduced by the Fortnite 10.00 update, all that remains is to wait for the official changelog of the update arriving at 14:00 (GMT +2) today.