Is Genshin Impact a Zelda Botw Clone? Let’s Find out in the Off-Screen Video From Chinajoy

Genshin Impact

The episode of the Zelda fan that destroyed his PS4 at the announcement of the transposition of the Genshin Impact on the Sony console has contributed to fuel the curiosity of the fans on this project which, according to many industry analysts and a good part of the community, is a clone of Breath of the Wild.

A user at the Shanghai videogame festival has decided to shed light on the matter by deepening the knowledge of the gameplay dynamics of Genshin Impact with an off-screen movie taken from a workstation made available by miHoYo to all the spectators of the fair.

In the video in question, the same that we can admire at the top of the article, we can see the very strong references to the last open-world masterpiece of Nintendo’s fantasy adventure, especially with regard to the graphics sector. The vibrant color palette, the extensive settings and the freedom of movement granted to the hero seem in fact to have rather obvious points of contact with the work done by the Eiji Aonuma team to erect the monumental Zelda Breath of the Wild art on Wii U and Switch.

Less tied to BOTW, however, it seems to be the game mechanics of Genshin Impact, with a more direct combat system, enemies with less evolved artificial intelligence and a range of moves, abilities and attack animations more akin to Asian MMORPGs. In any case, the Western version of Genshin Impact should arrive on PC, mobile systems and PS4 in an unspecified period of 2020: according to a recent rumor circulated on the net, the BOTW sequel will also be released next year under the name of Zelda Breath of the Darkness.