Is Miami 3 Already in Development? a Fan Movie Feeds the Hopes of Fans

Miami 3

Jacketisnotdead’s Twitter account editors have released the teaser trailer for a Hotline Miami fan movie, helping to fuel the rumors of developing the third installment of this iconic shooter series with Dennaton Games’ top-down view.

The quality of the teaser, and the promise of its authors to publish “very soon” the full version of the video, has in fact pushed many to believe in the imminent announcement of Hotline Miami 3 . The enthusiasm of the community and the growing expectation for the release of the full version of the fan movie have led some fans to turn directly to the publisher Devolver Digital who, in response, has denied any rumors.

The Jacketisnotdead project, according to the curators of the social media profiles of the famous company specializing in the production and distribution (digital and non-digital) of indie video games, has nothing to do with the developers of Dennaton Games or with the same Devolver Digital: yes it would therefore be a “real” fan movie and not a promotional campaign linked to a hypothetical sequel to Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Numbers.

Devolver’s Twitter account, however, defines this project as “very interesting”, thus leaving a small opening for the future development of Hotline Miami: who knows, maybe we’ll know something more during Gamescom 2019, starting with Geoff’s opening show Keighley starring Death Stranding.