Journey Also Debuts on Mobile: Available Today on iOS


A bit surprisingly, since no announcements had been received, Journey was just published on the App Store, where it is now available for 4.99 euros. This is the debut of thatgamecompany’s title on mobile devices after it arrived just two months ago on PC.

The journey is in fact available exclusively on Epic Games on PC since last June, when it was put up for sale at a special price due to the discounts on the platform.

Now it also arrives on the Apple store, published by Annapurna Interactive and, and to work it requires the update to the version of iOS 12.2 or later, and 1.1 GB of free space to make the download.

Recently, Sky had also arrived on mobile devices, a new title by the same author of the same Journey and by Flower, which should then also be released in the future on consoles. It will be interesting now to see the public’s response to Journey and Sky, now that both are available on the App Store. It is in fact a rather controversial type of game, which, however, could find fertile ground on mobile.

What do you think? Did you appreciate the Jenova Chen titles already on consoles at the time of the release? Do you believe they can do well even on mobile devices?