Ninja Moves on Mixer and Twitch Cites Super Mario: The Streamer “Is in Another Castle”

Fortnite: A User Created Funny Skins Inspired by Ninja, Drlupo and Other Streamer

Recently, the famous streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced to his wide audience the decision to leave the Twitch platform. The well-known character has simultaneously communicated the intention to land on the shores of Mixer.

On the platform, Ninja is already enjoying great success. Now, a few days after the “move”, the streamer, known above all in the Fortnite: battle royale community, can already count on more than 600,000 subscribers to its Mixer channel: reception by Microsoft platform users is in short, it was decidedly warm.

Meanwhile, on the Twitch shores, the platform team found a nice trick to communicate the Ninja transfer to the public. In fact, arriving on the Ninja Twitch channel now appears a message for the public, which cites none other than … Super Mario! As you can see in the image below, we can learn that “Ninja is in another castle” . A reference that gamers passionate about the story of the plumber of the Kyoto House will be able to catch immediately!

Meanwhile, the news in the field of Fortnite: Royal Battle is not lacking, following the launch of Season 10 of the battle royale. Recently, moreover, Epic Games has announced that the MAT Skystation Shodown is now available within the game.