Pokemon Sword and Shield: Switch New Gameplay Coming August 7th!

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The developers of Game Freak and the upper echelons of The Pokémon Company publish an important update on their social channels to fix an event on the afternoon of August 7th that will allow us to discover much new information on gameplay and on the contents of the highly anticipated exclusive Nintendo Switch.

The message of the Japanese authors invites all the Trainers who are preparing to fill their Galar Pokédex to attend a Pokemon Sword and Shield event to be held starting at 3:00 pm (GMT +2) on Wednesday, August 7th.

The update in question, as happened recently, should take on the contours of a streaming movie enriched by the hot comment of the most prominent members of the Game Freak team: always on the occasion of this event, the digital forges of the Japanese software house they could also publish a summary sheet of the gameplay novelties that await us with their next open-world blockbusters, such as the Gigamax feature and the special evolutions of the individual creatures that will populate the Galar Region.

The August 7th appointment could also be used by Game Freak management to clarify once and for all the thorny issue of polygonal Pokemon models recycled from the other chapters of the series. In any case, we just have to wait for the afternoon of Wednesday 7 August to find out what’s cooking: in the meantime, we remind you that the digital universe of Pokemon Spada and Scudo will officially open on November 15th exclusively on Nintendo Switch and, of course, on Nintendo Switch Lite.