The Developers of Ooblets Receive Insults After the Exclusivity Agreement With Epic


Ooblets will be published temporarily on Epic Games Store, thanks to an agreement between Glumberland and the Fortnite company. This must not have gone to the genius of some players, to the point of pushing them to cover the developers of the title with free insults.

Glumberland , the independent software house behind Ooblets, is a small studio composed by Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasse. Their game was original to be published by Double Fine, at least until Tim Schafer’s company was acquired by Microsoft. At that point, the plans changed, and the guys at Glumberland accepted Epic’s proposal: to publish their game exclusively on Epic Games Store, receiving a loan to complete the development of the title.

Although the well-known journalist Jason Schreier and other industry players have been advocating for Epic Games Store policies, these exclusivity agreements are still badly viewed by a certain slice of players. Some users, in particular, have come to lash out at the Ooblets developers, sending them insults and free threats through social channels.

Writing in Patreon, Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasse talked about the terrible messages they received after announcing their agreements with Epic Games.

“We are devastated. We have received thousands of hate and threat messages on every possible platform, without interruption. It is very painful, particularly after having had a positive and supportive relationship with our audience during the game development process. 

The news was also commented by Epic Games , which is a post published on its website stated: “This fact highlights a disturbing trend that is compromising dialogue with the public, followed by the intentional creation of false information, accompanied by harassment towards the partners, and from the promotion of themes of hatred and intimidation towards others “ .

Whether or not you agree with the exclusivity policies of Epic Games, this kind of public reaction is very difficult to justify. What do you think about it?