Twitch Has Nothing to Fear From Analysts’ Farewell to Ninja

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

In the last few days, the case of Ninja, one of the most famous streamers in the world, has taken its stand, having left the Twitch platform to settle exclusively with Microsoft’s new Mixer, bringing with it a large part of its fan base.

As we told you yesterday, in fact, in a few days from the launch, the new Ninja channel has already exceeded 650,000 members, a truly impressive result. However, according to analysts, Twitch does not have to worry too much about this situation.

Ninja, in fact, though it had an extraordinary success, was no longer the most popular Twitch streamer in a while. The first in the ratings and visualizations on the famous platform is Tfue, in a podium composed then by xWcOW and Shroud, while Ninja himself was placed only in fourth place.

So according to the analysis of Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElements, while the arrival of Ninja on Mixer is certainly a turning point for that platform, the team of talents who remained loyal to Twitch remains highly respected.

“His move to Mixer certainly marks a turning point for one of Twitch’s rival platforms. In the same way that Netflix and HBO move viewers through their original programming, live streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Live depends on top talent to build their own audience, with Ninja which is certainly a beacon for viewers, “ according to Nir. And yet, precisely because of the rest of the team that Twitch can count on, his popularity and ratings should not drop that much.

Do you agree with his words?