Wasteland 3: Alpha Arrives on August 21, Will Focus on the Combat System

Wasteland 3

With the publication of an update on the official blog of the title, InXile Entertainment announced that the Alpha version of Wasteland 3 will be launched on Steam on August 21st.

This very first playable version of the post-apocalyptic RPG can be accessed if you are at least part of the First Access group on Fig, or if you have donated 75 or more dollars to support developers in the crowdfunding campaign.

As far as we know how the title will put a strong accent on the founding elements of the franchise such as the narrative crossroads, the in-depth dialogues and the charismatic characters, this Alpha will concentrate essentially on the combat system and on the way in which the latter manages to get stuck with the choices level design implemented by the development team. InXile obviously takes care to point out that in the course of the game sessions you will be able to run into a fair chance in bugs, crashes, and other technical problems since we are talking about a preliminary version of the title. It is also clarified that participants will not be subject to any NDA contract, and will, therefore, be able to openly share their own gaming experiences.

Those who remain excluded from this test will be able to refer later to the arrival of Wasteland 3 Early Access, also provided on Steam (the full game will also land on GOG.com).

Wasteland 3 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the spring of 2020. The title will be present at the Cologne GamesCom in a playable form.