2K Separates from Yuke’s: WWE 2K20 Passes to Visual Concepts, Authors of NBA 2K

WWE 2K20

2K has formalized its separation from Yuke’s, the Japanese software house that historically dealt with the development of the WWE 2K series.

The boys of Yuke’s, who have been dealing with the series since 2000, had already expressed their own saturation and a drop in interest in continuing to carry out new chapters of the WWE series annually in recent declarations, so much so that the team was already in parallel engaging in the creation of an original and completely detached wrestling title from the official WWE franchise.

Probably, therefore, it has come to a consensual solution of the parties, with the publisher who has decided to entrust the development of WWE 2K20 and the next chapters of the series to the trusted boys of Visual Concepts , already collaborators of Yuke’s for the wrestling series and greatly appreciated for the excellent NBA 2K whose quality has completely eclipsed NBA Live by Electronic Arts in recent times.

After having brought the WWE series to success, especially in the second half of the 2000s, Yuke’s was no longer able to convince the fanbase in recent times, having proposed titles that were never fully convincing. Who knows that this change, of course, does not succeed in revitalizing the series making them reach new heights of excellence.