Amara the Mermaid Hunts Bandits in the New Borderlands 3 Gameplay Trailer

Amara the Mermaid Hunts

After shaking the pillars of the sky with the Moze l’ Artigera mech and causing the hordes of Skag Vomitini to weep, unleashing them against Zane the Agent’s technological folly, the guys from Gearbox Software dedicate the new Borderlands 3 video to Amara la Sirena.

After wandering among the planets of Pandora’s system to go in search of increasingly difficult challenges to face, Amara will aim to collect the murderous inheritance of colleagues Sirene Lilith and Maya embracing the cause of the Crypt Hunters to put her rich sample of skills.

The three specializations of the warrior ( Elemental Fists, Mystic Assault and Violence ) will all revolve around her special attacks based on the astral projection and on the evocation of a series of fists of pure energy with which to tear down the hostile creature and the bandit on duty.

In leaving you in the company of Amara, we remind you that the marketing of Borderlands 3 is scheduled for September 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Google Stadia version planned for November when the in-game streaming service of the company of Mountain View.

The first information on DLCs will arrive during Gamescom and PAX West, but do not worry: despite Gearbox’s post-launch plan promises to be extremely rich , the same will also be true of the playful offer that awaits us in the “basic game”, or at least that’s what the team headed by Randy Pitchford promises us alluding to the fact that Borderlands 3 will be much bigger than the already huge second chapter.