Apex Legends: In the New PS Plus Package There Are Caustic and Wraith Skins

Apex Legends_ The Caustic

With yesterday’s PlayStation Store update, not only the new free games of the month have arrived, but also an interesting package of Apex Legends dedicated to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Anyone who therefore has an active subscription to the service, necessary to take advantage of the possibility of uploading they save files to the cloud and playing multiplayer titles, can download this bundle at no additional cost.

The package in question contains the following objects:

  • Wraith’s Skin
  • Caustic Skin
  • Hemlok assault rifle camouflage
  • Peacekeeper shotgun camouflage
  • Banner for Wraith
  • Banner for Caustic

It is, as you can see, a rather rich bundle that will surely delight anybody who is usually playing at the Respawn Entertainment battle royale on PlayStation 4. To download it you can either purchase directly from your console or from the browser version of the PlayStation Store, through which you can add the package to the cart and proceed to the “payment”. The next time you start the game you will find all the new contents unlocked.

Did you know that the only mode of Apex Legends is about to arrive with a new limited-time event?