Apex Legends: Respawn Officially Announces the Solos Mode

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After witnessing the endless succession of rumors and hypotheses related to the gameplay novelties of Apex Legends, the boys of Respawn Entertainment announce the arrival of Solos, a limited-time mode that will involve all players of the battle royale.

Judging by the image and the short explanatory movie published by the Californian authors on the social channels of Apex Legends, the new time-based event of the free shooter from Electronic Arts will start on Tuesday 13 August and will be active for two exact weeks, that is until Tuesday 27 August.

The very name of the new multiplayer mode suggests the most important novelty that I experience by exploring the Canyon of the Kings: those who participate in the Solos mode will not be able to count on the support of their teammates. Each Legend that will deploy on the Kings Canyon sci-fi map will have to deal with it alone.

The choice made by the guys of Respawn to relegate this new modality to a “simple” time event is already dividing the community of Apex Legends among those who consider this decision as too conservative and who, instead, believes that the team led by Vince Zampella should focus on enriching the content offer of the title rather than on expanding the methods. 

In any case, it will be interesting to understand which reception will be reserved for this event and what impact it will have on the popularity of the title, two decisive factors in offering Respawn the necessary room for maneuver to guarantee the ten years of promising support from EA’s top management.