DDOS Attacks Against Online Opponents: The “Cunning” of a Mortal Kombat 11 Player

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The new frontier of online cheaters is that of DDOS attacks. This is what several Mortal Kombat 11 players are reporting on Twitter who have suffered attacks of this type from a particular player, which forces their disconnection in order to win games by abandonment.

The player in question has several usernames including pa3com, pa4com, and the current one, Son-Goku-DZ, at the top of the online rankings, probably the purpose of his attacks. In practice, through a DDOS attack, it overloads the opponent’s internet line with traffic from different sources until it is disconnected.

The game, however, recognizes it as a voluntary abandonment of the game, assigning the victory to the hacker at the table who is thus at the highest level of the online rankings.

In response to all the protest tweets, NetherRealm acknowledged the problem and undertook to resolve the situation “by all possible means” , but in the meantime the problem remains and we can imagine it is rather annoying, so if you were to come up against an online player who has one of the nicknames mentioned above, be careful.

It is not the first case of hacking on Mortal Kombat 11 among other things. We recall the case of the YouTuber BelowZer0, which after beating a user called GoddessOfBl00d23 was even threatened by the latter, who showed him that he had found his home address, before causing him a disconnection via the DDOS attack.

The recommendation therefore always remains the same: when you play online, always pay the utmost attention.

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