Death Stranding Is No Longer Listed as a ps4 Exclusive on the Official Website

Death Stranding: Will Kojima Show a New Character

As reported on the ResetEra forum, it seems that Death Stranding has been removed from the list of PS4 exclusives published on the official Australian website of PlayStation. Further indication that the new Hideo Kojima game will also be released on PC ?

The PS4 exclusives page on the Australian PlayStation official website has received a curious update. The highly anticipated Death Stranding, in fact, no longer appears between exclusive games for the Sony console .

As you can see on Wayback Machine until May 31st the Kojima game was listed as a PS4 exclusive, while now it is no longer. Is it a mistake, or a further indication that Death Stranding will also be released on PC, perhaps later?

Moreover, this doubt had also emerged with the publication of the official cover of Death Stranding, where it could be noticed the absence of the word “Only on PlayStation” which is regularly reported on the exclusive PS4.

Considering that Death Stranding has always been presented as a “console exclusive”, at this point the chances that the title will also be released on PC are becoming more and more concrete. Perhaps we will know more at Gamescom 2019 when Death Stranding will be shown at the Opening Night Live, Geoff Keighley’s new show hosted at the German fair? To find out, all that remains is to await further developments.