Fantasy General 2: Combat System and Magic in the New Trailers

Fantasy General 2

The publisher Slitherine and the developer Owned by Gravity have published two trailers of Fantasy General 2, allowing us to take a closer look at the combat system and the role played by magic in the strategic component of the game.

Fantasy General 2 looks like the sequel to the homonymous strategic game released in the 90s. The title will remain faithful to the tradition of the original game, offering turn-based battles and 75 different types of units to use on the battlefield, including some heroes with individual skill trees to adapt to their style of play and their own tactical needs.

The trailer reported at the top of the news allows us to take a closer look at the combat system, while the one proposed at the bottom focuses on magic, the characteristic element of the series.

Regarding the setting of the game, we recall that Fantasy General 2 is set 300 years after the first chapter, in the continent of Keldonia. During the campaign locations and characters from the previous game will be noticed, which will play a new role in the sequel.

Fantasy General 2 is expected in 2019 exclusively on PC and will include a selection of 30 maps featuring unique settings. While waiting for the title to make its debut on the market, we leave you with the vision of the two trailers reported in the news.