Fortnite: Discovered Exploit Methods to Build in Pinnacles City

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The transformation of Neopinnacoli led the players Fortnite in the Far West, changing the rules of the game. Within the new area, in fact, collection and construction are forbidden … at least, until an exploit has been discovered that allows building structures in Pinnacles City.

The update 10.00 Fortnite introduced many innovations, including the transformation of Neopinnacoli in Pinnacles City, an authentic village set in the Far West where the collection of resources and building structures are not permitted. At least, according to Epic Games.

As you can see in the two tweets reported at the bottom of the page, in fact, a couple of players managed to discover two exploits in order to get around this limitation.

The first method consists of building a wooden floor along the border of Pinnacles City. At this point it will be possible to continue building from that floor, actually constructing structures within the area where it would not be allowed to build.

The second method, instead, involves the use of a Driftboard (a vehicle that you will find very easily in the polar biome of the map). The trick is to get on board a Driftboard, get to the border with Città Pinnacoli and enter inside it by shooting at the tip of the board so that the vehicle moves only due to the impact of the bullets. In this way, the game will give you access to Pinnacles City without recording your displacement, and therefore without applying the ban on the building.

Since these are unanticipated exploits, it is very likely that Epic Games will remove them as soon as possible with the next updates.