Fortnite: Epic Games Reveals the First Changes Coming for Bruto


Almost a week after the launch of Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s Season X, Epic Games broke the silence on BRUTO, the big two-seat mech that is attracting the wrath of many battle royale players.

Just as it was rumored a few days ago, Fortnite’s BRUTO is about to undergo changes, but the developers do not yet seem to be sure of the changes to be made to the new vehicle of the season. To properly assess any disempowerments, the balancing team is carefully observing the robot’s performance in each individual mode. However, this is not the end of the story, as Epic also intends to evaluate the vehicle’s potential both in the hands of the more experienced players and in those of the “casual” ones, in order to better understand the angles to be smoothed.

The only safe changes among those coming instead concern the BRUTO movement, which suffers from several bugs that make it difficult to use. Unfortunately, we don’t know when a fix will arrive, but the developers claim to be working to publish it as quickly as possible.