Fortnite Season 10: A Glitch Reveals the Names of Upcoming Weekly Challenges

Fortnite 10

As you well know by now, in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale Season X, the weekly challenges have undergone profound changes and now have a completely different structure from what we have seen in the past two years.

Now, in fact, we have mission blocks with lots of name and “prestige” version, which allows players to complete a more complex version of the objectives to unlock alternative styles of costumes featured in the Battle Pass 10. Although the seven groups of missions coming in the coming weeks are still blacked out, it seems that some players have managed to discover the name thanks to a strange glitch.

Here are the titles of the incoming missions:

  • Worlds Collide
  • BlockBuster
  • A Helping Hand
  • Knights of Honor
  • Hotdrop / Smash & Grab
  • Boogie Down
  • Space Race

According to some fans, Boogie Down missions could have emotes as protagonists and, consequently, ask the player to perform the game dances in various points on the map. It is therefore not to be excluded that in the prestige version of these challenges we must travel around the map with the aim of dancing in more than one place without dying. From the names of the other missions, we can also expect the arrival of new distortions for the map, among which there could be one with a medieval theme and one with a space theme.