Grandia HD Collection on Switch from August 16th, the PC Version Will Arrive Later

Grandia HD

The publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America has finally announced the launch date of Grandia HD Collection, in which you’ll find remastered versions of the two chapters of the JRPG series.

Grandia HD Collection will make its official debut on Nintendo Switch on August 16th, with the title that will be distributed in an exclusively digital format on the hybrid console’s eShop. Those who want instead to relive the experience offered by the ruolistica series on PC will have to wait since no news has been communicated about the collection’s debut on the platform (the second chapter is already available on Steam in a remastered version).

Grandia HD Collection will include the first two episodes of the series ( Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II Anniversary Edition) in a remastered version with improved graphics, support for Nintendo Switch’s portable mode and remapped control system to exploit the potential of Joy-Con. Among the other technical innovations, we also find the user interface, more detailed sprites and texture art, graphically enriched cinematic scenes, and on PC support for widescreen and customized resolutions, as well as Steam Cards, Achievement and mouse and keyboard setup. The two games will be translated into English, French, and German for the texts, only English and Japanese for the audio sector.