Ninja’s Mixer Channel Has Reached 1 Million Subscribers

Ninja's Debut on Mixer

Ninja’s success on Mixer shows no signs of stopping. After the debut that saw Twitch exceed its average, the famous Fortnite streamer managed to overcome the milestone of 1 million subscribers on its new channel opened on Mixer.

As you can see at the bottom of the page, the announcement came directly from Ninja, with a tweet published on his official Twitter page.

Naturally, Ninja could only thank the public and his fans for the incredible support shown over the last few days. Let us remember that the famous Fortnite streamer abandoned Twitch to move definitively to Mixer, thanks to an agreement stipulated with Microsoft worth 50 million dollars.

A move by the Redmond house to give great visibility to its streaming platform and that is actually bearing fruit. What do you think of Ninja’s success on Mixer? The novelty factor, of course, is playing a very important role.