Pokemon Sword and Shield: Forms of Galar, Team Yell and Rivals in the New Screenshots


The Pokemon Company has published a series of new screenshots taken from Pokemon Sword and Shield, showing in action the new forms of Galar, Team Yell and rivals Bede and Marnie. The images are visible in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

As promised, so much new information has arrived on Pokemon Sword and Shield today. The Pokemon Company, in fact, has released a new trailer featuring the forms of Galar, Team Yell and new rivals Bede and Marnie.

After the form of Alola seen in Pokemon Sole and Luna, therefore, the Game Freak has decided to continue to propose the regional forms, introducing in the case of Pokemon Sword and Shield the forms of Galar. In this case, Weezing by Galar, Zigzaagon by Galar and Linoone by Galar were presented, which you can see in the images below.

Among the innovations presented we also point out Team Yell, a group of troublemakers who will not miss an opportunity to put a spoke in the wheels to the players. Furthermore, during the main adventure, we will also have to deal with rivals Bede and Marnie, who intend to become the undisputed champions of the Galar region.