Pokemon Sword and Shield: Revealed Team Yell, Forms of Galar and Rivals Bede and Marnie

Pokemon Sword and Shield:

As announced yesterday, The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield with new game information. The video, reported at the top of the news, shows in action the forms of Galar, new Pokemon, Team Yell and rivals Bede and Marnie.

Even in the Galar region, the new setting for Pokemon Sword and Shield, some creatures have adapted to their surroundings by developing a different appearance and behavior than the specimens of the same species found in other regions.

Forms of Galar

Galar is inhabited by Pokémon that have a particular regional form known as the form of Galar. As you can see in the trailer at the top of the news, The Pokemon Company has revealed the forms of Galar that will be featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Listed below:

Galar Weezing

  • Category: Poisonous Pokémon
  • Type: Poison / Kobold
  • Height: 3.0 m
  • Weight: 16.0 kg
  • Skills: Levitation / ???

Zigzaagon of Galar

  • Category: Raccoon Pokemon
  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Height: 0.4 m
  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • Ability: Collection / Voracity

Galar Linoone

  • Category: Blistering Pokémon
  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Height: 0.5 m
  • Weight: 32.5 kg
  • Ability: Collection / Voracity

Team Yell

This group of troublemakers will not miss an opportunity to put the sticks in the wheels, following you everywhere will bring you the Challenge of the Gyms. They just want one thing: that Mary becomes a champion. And they will do everything in their power to hinder other coaches. They will occupy the atriums of the hotels, they will prevent other challengers from getting on the trains and they will scream with all the voice they have in their bodies to distract the opponents of their beloved.

Bede and Marnie rivals

Beet knows his stuff in Pokemon fights and is extremely proud of it. Participate in the Challenge of the Gyms with the sponsorship of Rose in person, the president of the Galar League. He has every intention of becoming the new Champion, but it is not his only goal.

Another rival is Mary, and she too has decided to get involved. Along with his Morpeko, he will struggle with all his energy to become the Champion of Galar and achieve his goals. He has a lot of passionate fans who love him for his style and for his strategies studied in detail.