Price of PS5: A Survey Reveals How Much We Are Willing to Spend on the Sony Console

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The PS5 price at 900 euros set for the pre-order of the console in Sweden has fueled a heated debate among gamers around the world. The curators of the German CHIP portal have thus decided to contact PlayStation fans directly to find out how much they are willing to spend on the purchase of PS5.

There were about 6,000 video game enthusiasts who decided to participate in the survey organized by the CHIP editorial staff, a fairly large sample and, therefore, representative of the entire Black Monolith fan community. The question posed by was rather simple: what is the maximum amount you would spend to buy a PS5?

Based on the response offered by most PlayStation fans interviewed by journalists of the renowned German tech portal, the ideal launch price for PS5 should be 600 euros: in a theoretical range of 100 to 1,000 euros, most users who took part in the survey said they were willing to spend up to 600euros to get a flaming PlayStation 5 at the launch.

The formula chosen by the authors of CHIP to submit the question to their readers did not include free answers nor the possibility of indicating their ideal price for PS5 : the target of 600 euros, from this point of view, could represent more an indication on the growing desire of the community to launch as soon as possible into the next-gen (as underlined by the decline in sales of PS4 ) rather than the real desire to spend such a high amount for the purchase of a console-like PS5 that, given the competition from Microsoft with Xbox Scarlett, despite being so desired by fans should be sold at a price between 400 and 500 euros.