Rocket League Greets the Loot Boxes, a Fortnite-Inspired System Is Coming

Rocket League

The Rocket League developers have just announced big news about the game’s loot boxes, the content of which will no longer be completely random.

In fact, inspired by what we have seen with the Fortnite Lamas Save the World, the Psyonix title boxes will now show the player their content before it proceeds with the purchase. This is a much more transparent system, which allows the user to know exactly what is going to pay and decide accordingly whether or not to carry out the transaction. It is not to be excluded that this choice does not come directly from the developers but from Epic Games, which has recently acquired the Psyonix team. The very fact that Fortnite is mentioned on the official website of the game suggests that it was the new owners who imposed the elimination of the “classic” loot boxes. As for the Rocket Pass Premium, the cars that can be purchased separately in the store and the Export Shop, these will not be changed. It is not clear when these changes will be made and, at the moment, the developers have simply announced that new details will arrive very soon.