Sharp Will Produce the New Screens of Nintendo Consoles: Even Those of Switch Pro?

Nintendo Switch Also in April Is the Most Sold Console in the USA

At the time of the rumors on the new Nintendo Switch models it was rumored of an agreement between Nintendo and Sharp, according to which the Japanese technological giant would have produced the screens of the possible new consoles produced by the Grande N., In the end, the agreement was stipulated for real.

It was announced by the same house in Osaka, in the person of Executive Vice President Katsuaki Nomura, who also spoke about it on the microphones of the Wall Street Journal. Therefore, Nintendo products will also be equipped with new screens based on the new IGZO technology (Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide) from Sharp.

“We will supply the product in which we are best, the IGZO screens”, admitted Nomura, which however did not specify which Switch models will be equipped with the new Sharp displays, if Nintendo Switch Lite, the new version of Switch with enhanced battery, or the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

And it was precisely on the existence of this last console that we talked again, thanks to the same article in the Wall Street JournalTakashi Mochizuki concludes the piece by re-writing that Nintendo “has ideas for further updates for Switch’s lineup, thus continuing to feed rumors about the possible arrival of an enhanced version of the console.

What do you think? Would you like the arrival of Switch Pro?