Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The New Heroes vs Villains Tournament Is Coming

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smashatori of the whole world, unite! While probably the term we have used does not exist, the new tournament that is about to arrive on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is more real than ever. Nintendo’s Australian Twitter account has unveiled the upcoming Heroes VS Villains in Mario’s popular brawler and associates.

Therefore Nintendo’s support continues, which after bringing two of the five DLCs provided in the game (the one dedicated to Joker by Persona 5 and the most recent, which saw the Dragon Quest hero enter the Smash roster), has organized a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

The title will be like “Heroes VS Villains”, heroes against bad guys, and presumably will focus on the most positive characters of the game that will have to fight against the evilest villains of the roster. In the promo image, we find the Hero, Mario, Samus, Link and Fox, surrounded by enemies like Bowser and Ganon.

According to Nintendo’s tweet, which you find as usual at the bottom of the news, the new tournament will start on August 9th, very soon then, and will last three days, for a weekend of slogans. What do you think? Are you ready to participate? Will you defend the good from the evil villains or will you choose the bad guys to finally make them pay the heroes?