Super Smash Bros. With: Organizers Prohibit Access to Two Pro Players

Super Smash Bros.

The organizers of the Super Smash Convention, an event of global importance for all fans of the Nintendo brawler to be held this weekend in Virginia, have forbidden one player to take part in the competition and, instead, another to even participate in the convention as the unwelcome person.

James ” Osiris197 ” G, a player who was involved in a brawl and – it seems – alcohol addicted, will be completely excluded from the event. Initially, he was allowed to participate, but the indignation raised by fans on social media led the organizers to opt for a real ban for the player who, therefore, could not even enter the venue.

Instead, Zack ” CaptainZack ” Lauth was prevented from registering for the competition (but he was given permission to enter the convention). The motivation is simple: CaptainZack has publicly admitted to having consciously altered the results of some matches in big tournaments. Not so much for personal gain, but to favor Elliot ” Ally ” Carroza-Oyarce, one of the 10 best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players in the world. As well as his (now ex) partner in life.

Zack was also forbidden to compete in all 2GG events and, perhaps, in all future competitions of the Smash scene.

The numbers of the Convention are in any case exorbitant: 2,700 participants. Without a doubt the second-largest Smash Bros. Ultimate event of the year after the 3,492 competitors who took part in the EVO, which made it the biggest Smash Bros. event in history.