The Anthem Cataclysm Begins! Here Are All the News of the Huge Update 1.3.0

Anthem: Will the New Content Arrive Next Month?

The BioWare developers break the long media fast on Anthem to launch the 1.3.0 update which officially starts the Cataclysm, the new season of EA’s sci-fi action that promises to overcome the main critical points of the experience of game and endgame of the title.

Anticipated by the appearance of mysterious atmospheric events, the Anthem Cataclysm introduces a new explorable area, an unprecedented narrative line, lots of updates to the roleplaying progression and the acquisition of equipment elements and a healthy injection of news regarding weapons, armor, the skills and items that can be unlocked by our Specialist.

Those who re-wear their favorite Strale to try their hand at the challenges of the Cataclysm will be able to face the ones perhaps captained by Vara Brom in a new game mode that will evolve over time. With the Anthem Cataclysm, therefore, new missions for the history and the Inversion system arrive, with groups of gameplay modifiers that will impact the way in which we will approach the activities of the plot and free-roaming between the alien arcades of Bastion.

Judging by the very long notes of the patch accompanying the publication of the latest free Anthem update on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the gameplay innovations of the 1.3.0 update will be truly numerous. Among these, we mention the introduction of Rankings, Seasonal Currency, a new Shop, new items and equipment to carry out melee attacks and a completely reformulated Alliance system to include guild members and social rewards. What do you think of this news? Do you think BioWare will be able to reconcile with its public thanks to this impressive free Anthem update? Let us know with a comment.