The Ducktales Remastered Is Going to Be Removed from the Stores

The Ducktales Remastered

If you are going to try WayForward’s remastered DuckTales remastered but have not yet found the time and incentive to buy the game, you still have little time to take this plunge into nostalgia before it is removed from the stores.

In fact, Capcom has announced that the game will no longer be available in online stores starting tomorrow. No reasons were given, but it is probably the expiration of some agreements regarding the licenses, which have not been renewed. DuckTales is a Disney property, so the colossus may also have other plans in this regard.

The fact is that those who already own the game, whether in physical or digital version, can, of course, continue to use it, while those who intend to buy it can do so, with a 75% discount, until tomorrow on Wii U, Xbox 360 and One (via backward compatibility) and Steam, and until 9 August on PS3.

However, Capcom warns that this is a rough estimate, so don’t wait until the last minute to buy the game before it is removed from the stores. DuckTales originally came out on NES in 1989 and was remastered by WayForward in 2013.