The Man of Medan Multiplayer Horror Experience in the Gameplay Video on the Shared History

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Shows Itself in 11 Minutes of Gameplay

The authors of Supermassive Games invite us to admire the new video diary in Italian of Man of Medan to give us a way to familiarize ourselves with the horror experience offered by the Shared History, the multiplayer mode of the first dark-colored adventure connected to the Dark Pictures Anthology.

In the video proposed to us by Bandai Namco, the British developers outline the playful contours of the Shared History to describe it as an experience capable of raising the pathos rate and the tension perceivable by the users who will be challenged with the challenges of the Man of Medan story.

From the point of view of small gameplay, the modality in question will take the form of an online two-player cooperative, each of which will have to play a cast character and tackle scenes simultaneously to offer us a completely different, more immersive prosthetic on the adventure plot.

As for the singleplayer mode, obviously, to give propulsive impetus to the multiplayer gaming experience will be the multiple-choice system developed by Supermassive Games to expand the range of options available to the user, giving him away, as in the excellent Until Dawn, to take the desired narrative path and to prepare for the consequences of one’s choices.

The British authors also promise to dedicate the next video diary of Man of Medan to the second and final multiplayer mode, called the Evening at the Cinema. Meanwhile, we leave you to the trailer above and we remind you that the first of a long series of digital nightmares of the Dark Pictures Anthology will officially begin on August 30th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.