Wolfenstein: Youngblood Updates, No More Problems for the Coop on Steam

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In the last few hours, a substantial update of Wolfenstein Youngblood has been published which fixes many of the problems encountered by users in the days following the launch.

One of these is the one linked to the cooperative mode on Steam, which was impossible if the profile of one of the two players was set to “private”. Now this problem no longer exists and, in addition, it is possible to activate the Buddy Pass much more easily than before, which will allow you to invite a friend who does not have a copy of the first-person shooter without too much trouble.

Among the other problems solved we find than the annoying crashes at high resolutions for the PC with Windows 7 and graphics cards of the last generations. According to the developers, this problem should have been solved and it will be possible to change the resolution without encountering annoying game blocks.

If you are interested in reading the long list of problems solved, on the official Steam game page you will find the complete changelog published by the developers themselves.

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