Astral Chain: New Adrenaline Trailer for the Platinum Games Game!

Astral Chain: Half an Hour of Explosive Action in the Gameplay Video of the Nintendo Treehouse

After having shared with the public a short teaser, Platinum Games and Nintendo make available a new trailer for Astral Chain !

Unfortunately, at least for now, available exclusively in Japanese, the new movie proceeds at a rapid pace, accompanied by an engaging soundtrack. Although of short duration, inside we can see several interesting elements. Among these there are obviously the trusted allies of the protagonist: in the Platinum title, in fact, our videogame alter ego will be joined by five different Legions. We can admire them in action in the new trailer, in combat scenes that give life to an incessant sequence of combos. Space also for colossal adversaries and the city of Ark, which will be the background to the narrated events. As usual, you can view the trailer directly at the beginning of this news: you can find it at the opening. What do you think? 

With the publication of Astral Chain, the Platinum Games team brings to the market a new IP, waiting exclusively on Nintendo Switch, on which it will debut on 30 August. Recently, two of the software house’s best-known faces, Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba confirmed that the team is still working on the development of Bayonetta 3, the expected third installment of the Umbra Witch saga.