Children of Morta shows itself in a new trailer, announced the release date


Through a press release, publisher 11-bit studios and development studio Dead Mage are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated roguelike Children of Morta will arrive on PC on September 3, while versions of the game for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be available starting October 15th. A brand new trailer was also published for the occasion.

Children of Morta is the story of a distant land, which however deals with issues close to our daily life. It is a story of simple emotions that we all know so well and we appreciate more than we sometimes dare to admit: love and hope, desire and uncertainty, ultimately loss and sacrifice that we are willing to do to save those we care about most.

The game will allow you to choose between one of the members of a family of fighters. Each character will have a number of different special combat skills and techniques. The world is touched by corruption, and is constantly evolving; any forest, dungeon or temple you will ever explore will never be the same, guaranteeing a unique experience in every game session.

Currently, Children of Morta is available for pre-order through Steam, with a 10% discount on the original price. If you have previously tried the demo and enjoyed the game then this is an opportunity to buy it and save a few euros.