Code Vein: The Revenant Eva Roux Shows Itself in a New Trailer

Code Vein: The New Explosive Trailer Reveals the Release Date!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new trailer for Code Vein dedicated to Eva Roux, a Revenant fighting on the side of Jack Rutherford. The video, reported at the top of the news, allows us to see this character in action within the game.

After being rescued by Jack Rutherford, Eva Roux has regained her strength and since then has fought alongside her to repay her debt. Despite belonging to an opposing faction, she and Jack will join the player during some special events. The new trailer reported at the top of the news allows us to see Eva Roux in action, giving the game a new look with the occasion.

To find out more about the weapons in the game, instead, you can watch the Code Veintrailer dedicated to the Great Hammer, a mighty hammer that players can use in combat during the adventure.